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Things to do in Tadley

Tadley and the surrounding villages offer opportunities for escape, romance, and imagination. Stops are scattered around. Suggestions include Stack and L. Pie, featuring the classic Calleva Arms Pub in the Selector, and the Plough at Little London. Visitors say that the ancient pub itself is equal to returning on time. Recommendations for local cafes include Mortimer Cafe in Mortimer on the county border, Little Rose at Elm Park Garden Center, Pamber End, and Cafe Retreat in Tadley. Traveled to the Tudor era in Wine, continually researching the past. This is the last month in February when visitors can feel the roof road and see work approaching the completion of a £ 5.4 million roof project. This is the last chance to leave your mark on Tudor's former castle: writing messages or taking pictures on tiles to get to the new roof. Inside this stately home, visitors can experience the frightening sounds of Tudor Lady Moss in a 16th-century chapel. When Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visited Wine in 1535, they heard a strange audio illusion. Or you can take the winter. Walk on the plains. There is also plenty of hiking in the local countryside, which is rich in wildlife, shared land and natural resources. For example, Silchester Common and Pamber Forest, Heathland Common, and Ancient Oak Wildland are 478 hectares each east of Tadley, and Ashford Hill Nature Reserve, west of Tadley, a meadow. Field and Woodland. Meanwhile, the police and the field are hidden from beautiful areas, villages, and old churches. There is a good line in the country. They include The Mall in cheerful Sherbourne Monk, which was lost from the village by homeowner Keith Giles before it was rebuilt and reopened at the end of 2016. Comfortable with wood burners, an exciting menu, with Pan Fry Saddle Hunan favorites, and a diary of the tasting and offer evening cocktails. However, a special pub with a restaurant and 'rooms' (mostly adapted to other buildings) take all the local definitions: Wellington Arms in Bucharest. Owners Jason King and Simon Page have created ideals that captivate food and drink. Even pleasing to Giles Corinne, a Times reviewer, has generally been firmly announced that he would be happy to stay here forever.

Mortimer Chocolate Company

The Mortimer Chocolate Company is named after the village Mortimer, located on the Hampshire / Berkshire border east of Tadley. We are a member of Hampshire Free and produce chocolate from cocoa that we import from West Africa and South America and specialize in making hot chocolate drinks, including Milk-Free White Corvettes, 70% Cocoa Solid Dark Chocolate, Chocolate and Scented chocolate drinks, such as salted caramel drinks and orange chocolate drinks, which we sell under our brand, but also made for other people. Now you ready to call us on +442030961213 or +442030961214 and have a great escort companion from our gorgeous ladies in Tadley Hampshire Escorts. Our ladies are beautiful, sexy, and well-educated that will fit in any occasion.