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Things to do in Andover

Things to do in Andover

Andover is a fast-growing city around the wool industry and became a major stop on Coaching Road between London and Salisbury in the 18th century. To the west is the Salisbury Field Cretaceous Plateau, the largest military training area in Britain, covering 150 square miles. So it's no secret why the Ministry of Defense (MOD) is the largest company in Andorra today. You can explore some of this heritage at the Flying Museum of the Army. All of the surrounding Chuck Hills in North Hampshire Downs have bronze and Iron Age settlements. One of them, Danny Berry, was excavated in the 20th century, with specimens from the magnificent Iron Age Museum in Indore.  

Let's find the best things to do on Andover:

Museum of the Iron Age

Danbury hillfort (which founded 550 BC) is located southwest of Andover. This is one of the most explored and researched Iron Age sites in the UK. Many artifacts unearthed between 1969 and 1988 have disappeared in this Georgian townhouse. The castle has an extraordinary scale of art and craftsmanship, and the museum has an attractive display of looms and leather - and human remains. There is also a reliable renovation in a roundhouse where broken pottery from the mountainous area is displayed in a display case. At the same time, you can see how bread is prepared on location and druid in the Iron Age life. Mysterious characters can be found. An unusual romance is found in the village of Fullerton in a British mosaic museum.

Hawk Conservancy Trust

The wild bird park is run by a conservation charity, which also manages the National Pre-Hospital Bird. There are several different ways to experience this attraction. The most affordable is to bring park aviators on a busy schedule of sightseeing and flight demonstrations. You will see donkeys, eagles, forest owls, secretaries of birds, storks and sea eagles, and many more in flight. They will sit in the main stand while their colleagues share exciting details about each bird. You can also have unique one-on-one or small group experiences. Enter a range here. Very long but includes all day, a variety of species, handling sessions for children, and bird photography workshops.

Army Flying Museum

The Army Air Corps Airfield Museum in Middlewall is about Army Aviation, starting with the 18th and 19th-century balloon section for Royal Engineers. The two-capacity hangar is filled to the roof with about 40 rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. One of the stars of the show was Westland Links, which set two helicopter speed records in 1972, while the Soviet anti-aircraft system ZSU-23-4, was rarely seen in Britain, during the First Gulf War. Has been caught There are many simulators, interactive displays, and samples for exams such as pictures, medals, bombs, missiles, and uniforms. It all started to open a staff account, like the captain who served in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. Stop by the Apache Cafe, at least because you can see the arrival and departure of the airfield through the window.

North Wessex Downs

Endeavor covers four British counties of outdoor British beauty areas and covers North Hampshire Downs. The unbroken Cretaceous Hill of North Wessex Down belongs to the southern English Cretaceous Formation, and many of the highest peaks, such as Danny Berry, have mountainous regions of the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. To see the ups and downs of the walk, you can head east to the village of Longspress, which is on Test Way, 49 miles north-south, starting at Walbury Hill and ending at Test Story in Ealing. Near the end. In ups and downs, the road leads to a prominent position on Gallows Hill, at Combe Gibbet. Since 1676, people have been hanged in this very famous place as a public deterrent. Andover is a casual drive-by, Watership Down, the sequel to Richard Adams's novel about rabbits becoming animated films.

Andover Heritage Trail

If you go to the Valley Test Board website, you can download leaflets for a walk around the city center, and guide you to some of the best places you might have visited. It is okay High Street of Andover is associated with many Georgian specialties, including many former coaches, such as the Globe, which has been the same name since 1742. Now you ready to call us on +442030961213 or +442030961214 and have a great escort service from our gorgeous ladies in Hampshire Escorts.