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Hampshire Escorts: Sex On the Beach 101

When summer comes, the temperature rises, and the holidays suddenly get better. It seems to make sense to do good in the gourmet world rather than a shattered expedition, having sex on the beach back to the menu. Is. Meaning: it must be extraordinary. They named it a cocktail after that, right? Certain How much do you know if the dune is too stressed to go down and ignores the desire to get dirty? Is this as good as what is shown in the film? See anything? Did someone fix it? Luckily I have answers to all of these questions!

What beach sex accessories?

In Hollywood, there's usually a beach broom: eyes meet at a cocktail bar. Great chat lines advance the plot. Wandering hand in hand, then going up, they slip to the ground, and, if it is a PG-rated film, the shot falls into the sunrise, or the pair is unharmed a few minutes later. It seems they did something. Walking on the beach at its destination is full of unprecedented costs, and unpreparedness is a recipe for disaster. You need at least some kind of protection, both from sand and other drama like STI or worse, from children. As flat as possible, it will help prevent sand from entering the intimate area and help cover yourself while you do your work - as long as your skeleton is a tourist walking around at dusk. There is no flag pointing at you and yelling that there is someone.

What is the right time?

Nighttime is probably the best. For some reason, walking on the beach is sometimes difficult during the day - unless you are on a private beach, people sitting on holiday can lose sight of you. Come on try it It is like having sex on a plane - it works perfectly if you are a beautiful playboy or an impressive legacy doing this on a private jet in Jackie Collins's novel, but it is somewhat reduced if you slip on your back row. Ryanair flies under a pile of coats. It is also a good idea to take time off when law enforcement officers are behind the deck chair, and arresting you on charges of intimidation is rare because they don't want to.

What is the perfect condition?

Well, summer, of course. For perfect rationality on the beach, you need warm and dry weather, without a lot of wind, like sand in your eyes when you are at the peak of bitter praise. Maybe it's better to have one or two sunrises where you can relax. You can make clothes on the bed. If you are going to add water to the equation, make sure the sea is calm to avoid a situation where the Coast Guard expels you from lukewarm saltwater, closed naked because of fear. Anywhere is good, yes, but walking too far from civilization puts you in dangerous situations such as a potential thief, disrupting another couple's ship, or chasing an air rifle by an angry owner. Is. The debate about sand vs. gravel has taken place since tourists first sat and spread oyster blood capsules into their hats, and when it comes to sexual closeness, there is no clear winner—not happening. The coastline offers less risk of sand to and about you, but oh my! This is a beach that you really hate and want to keep you as restless as possible. Sandy beaches are more romantic, but sand. In terms of position, the missionary is not very good because it disturbs the sand, so one partner may be most comfortable with another person. Dog style is the perfect place to avoid sand completely in your genitals, but the balance can be hard.

Which place is better?

Usually more exotic. The best place to have sex on the beach is a place that won't send you to jail if they catch you. You don't want to be British in a plastic year all over the tabloids because work has resulted in 30 years in prison. So this is not for Dubai. Now you ready to give us a call on +442033013337 or +442033013336 and have a great escort service from our gorgeous ladies in Hampshire Escorts.