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Hampshire Escorts: Safe Rough Sex 101

Safe Rough Sex 101

How much of a porn star you think you are? Most of man would love to think of himself as a porn star so much. That is why most of our client in Hampshire Escorts love to ask for a rough sex session with our girls. If you ever book our girls at Hampshire Escorts and want to do a rough sex session, you need to know the safe procedure of rough sex, so you will always be craving for more session after that. Don’t be a weird porn star without knowing any fact about rough sex and here I explain to you how to do it safely.

Talk to your partner

You need to know what kind of surprise and intensity you need to give them. If she is okay for being slapped, or choked, or even spanked. The key to rough sex is the intensity and the element of surprise it gives.

It releases dopamine

Most of the right rough sex session always end up with a good sleep. “I always sleep really well after a rough sex.” Our sexy escort Emma tell us. “The euphoric, the power exchange, the release of dopamine, rough sex is really a great work out to do.”

Know the scenario better

Be transparent of the things you want to try, and don’t be shy to talk about new things you want to try with your Hertfordshire Escorts ladies. Start slowly with a little tense of fucking and some small spanking at her butt, you can continue with a slapping, lip biting, light choking, hair pulling or even pussy slapping with her consent.

For the first timer

When it comes to rough sex, you can say that technique is just as important as consent. As the pleasure is all about, communication is the key. Tell her to give you the codes if she ever feels uncomfortable, or need a break, or even if she is frightened. Introduce things a little time, if the things work, let her choose which things make her feel the best.

Unlike the porn…

Fun fact: rough sex on the porn movies is totally different with rough sex in the real life. Our ladies at Hampshire Escorts obviously looks really hot like a real porn star, but she is not. She will give more respect on you if you respect her choose. The scenes of the rough sex in the porn movies sometime came from the uncomfortable positions that director wants them to do it for the visual appealing, even it’s really awkward positions. So if you really want to try a rough sex session with one (or the better, two of our girls) at Hampshire Escorts, just give us a call on +442033013337 or +442033013336 and have a nice session of a rough sex with our girl. Don’t be hesitate to tell us what kind of pleasures you had and let our girl at Hampshire Escorts fulfill your wildest imagination.