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How to Prepare An Outdoor Sex

How to Prepare An Outdoor Sex

Can you honestly look into your partner's eyes and say that you never thought about having sex in a public place? You, like the rest of the world, might be playing somewhere in connection with an exhibition - or at least curiosity. Having sex in a public place feels forbidden and is likely to get dirty with your hands getting dirty, pumping up adrenaline. Also, if you are in a long-term relationship, going to the forest can make things worse, especially if you feel that your sex life has just been established. You will be creative:

Sex party

Although it might be a little lighter than your comfort zone, sex parties do have one major benefit: You can avoid trapped so you can focus on performance. In shows like that, you don't need to worry about who is watching, because everyone is there for that reason. There are no deductions that are part of the rules. So you can let your exhibition flag fly high.

Park or forested area

Who does not like to hang out with nature? Find a place to receive your butt in an empty park, low traffic, or a bright forest area. You want to be saved enough, 'advertise' enough to make it sexy.


This is more practical for people with flat roof access, so take appropriate precautions. But the open terrace is like your balcony, only more risque, as anyone can see. If you are out and about for a few days, make sure to set some sunscreen.

Your backyard or balcony

If you are new to public sex, you need to feel comfortable with the idea of IRL. In your backyard, you can relax. Want to know if your neighbours will be able to see your mysteries and emotions?. It's nice to know that someone can see you, and you are out, but in a clean and private place. And because you have it, don't worry about breaking the law.

Hotel rooms

Check-in for a good time. Whether you are traveling with your partner or just finding a hotel room for a sexy stay, make it your playground. It usually doesn't look like that, but when you open all those scenes and have sex with a window, it's close enough. It doesn't matter if your view looks at a parking lot or other building - you might also realize that people can see it.

Outdoor shower

I'm not talking about shining under the rain on the beach. Where, yes, you will be arrested. Near several luxury hotels and Airbnb, add your filter to search. Thanks to running water, fresh air, and a mix of electricity between the two or the audience, this is very sexy on a summer night.


Other young fantasies come alive, but with a few distractions: Visit the quiet part of the beach at night to avoid people, and stay on land to prevent saltwater. Place the blanket carefully so that you don't bring sand and nests to every part of your body. And try a position where you can avoid large amounts of sand, such as riding a beach chair or scooping one another on a blanket.

In the tent

Ah, the sounds of nature: the characters are chirping, cracks in fireworks, and screams. Set up a tent in a remote area at the campsite, and clean branches or cliffs that can destroy the moment. You will have a tent cover, but your shadow image is there for you.

Single restroom

If you are at a hotel, airport, airport, or restaurant, and can't wait to get home, look for a public bathroom. You can enter and exit without looking at each one. Even though you have privacy behind closed doors. It has very erotic elements. Plus, you never know who is coming out of the door. However, public bathrooms are cumulative, so you have to lose some gymnastics. Don't sit on anything, wear your shoes and clothes. Now you ready to give us a call on+442033013337 or +442033013336 and have a great escort companion from our gorgeous ladies in Hampshire Escorts.