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Food to Bring Into Your Sexual Encounter

Food and having sex are the two best things about life. Because food has become an integral part of dating, incorporating food into your sex life is the easiest way to try new things in bed. Eating toughness, such as splashes (like sexual pleasure from sitting while eating) and other forms of wet and dirty play, can be very far. But the perfect relationship between sex and food is meaningful. Both are satisfying activities that you often like. Not to mention, sex should be dirty. With a starting point, we have handled some delicious food to take to the bedroom.


Try the art of eating sushi from the naked body at home, pneumatic. Order your favorite list, then set on each body and then eat. Traditionally, barriers like bamboo leaves are between the sushi and the body, but if you put it directly on your partner's skin, you have to make sure it's clean first.


Go old school and predict your partner by challenging them to the classic kiss test: see who can tie a cherry cord with his tongue. In addition, cherries are a great addition to the bedroom. Place it on your partner's body, or drizzle the juice over a soothing area and then lick it.


When you see a partner, show your blowjob skills by sucking and licking the skulls of the pop, or sitting next to them and turning the ice between your mouth during the practice session. Frozen desserts are also an exciting way to introduce the temperature game into your sex life. Try giving your partner a popsicle on your nipples.


As part of breakfast in bed after having sex on Sunday morning, add wine to a dish that is suitable for your partner, and feed them a la Cleopatra style. You will feel worthy of worship. Before breakfast after sex, wine can be used for hot games. Frozen wine is delicious without even making it funny, so imagine how delightful fruit is when adding orgasm. Store wine packs in the freezer overnight. When you are ready for icy cold wind, pull your love from the trunk to the frozen wine and put it in your nipples and other silly zones.


Yes, if done safely, you can turn these salad ingredients into dildos. Putting food into the vagina is a big prohibition, which is half the fun. Perhaps second only to the well-known electric toothbrush, many teenagers with vaginas have mastered bulletproof eating for the first time, just because they are available in their parents' refrigerators.

Whipped cream

Whipped cream is a classic, delicious, and has perfect tenderness - but remains sticky - which helps it stay in the androgen zone. Of course, you don't have to wear a full bikini, but by spraying your partner's nipples on your nipples, you add delicious snacks to your health.

Chocolate syrup

Using chocolate syrup during sex is the next level of vomiting cream because it is a bit messier and more pressing. After relaxing your partner in your tangled area, lick it with your partner for more pleasure. Now you ready to have an excellent escort service from our gorgeous ladies in Escorts Hampshire Escorts with calling us on +442030961213 or +442030961214 and we guarantee you the best escort service in the area.