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Best Shower Sex Positions to Try

Best Shower Sex Positions to Try

Have you ever had sex with a shower that makes you feel like a wet dog - trembling, sick, and telling you to touch a barking person - then you are not alone. Shower sex is far more complicated than a romantic comedy, but here we compile the best shower sex positions to try:


When in doubt, lying down and bracing yourself at some level is the safest strategy for bathing sex. To work in this position, you will face a stable touch shower/bathtub situation, but you can also take a temporary bench. How: Relax your hips and arms on one side of the tub, shower rack, or bench and press your thighs together. Talk to your partner to stand behind you and come in, keeping your feet closed to hold tight when you push.


For other entertainment venues (which need a little balance on your partner's side), this is the right choice. How: Stand with your partner and position yourself to go forward, lean back in the tub for extra support and levers, or lean one foot on the edge of your shower wall. The change in angle adds a touch of excitement to the quality of the bathroom and adds a feeling of warm water on your back, certainly doesn't hurt.

The Chairman

Are you lucky enough to have a chair rack in your bathroom? If not, do you accept my advice and buy it now? What you need: If you like the man above, this back seat position is the perfect shower choice. How: Sit on a bench with your partner on the floor. While facing away from them, sit on their laps, kneel (choose how far you can stretch your legs based on your stability). When you pump from top to bottom, your hands will be free to play with cleats or other mood zones. Even your partner can hold your wrist so you can lean forward and bend at an angle. It's fun.


This is another position that will help you make better use of the shower chair. How: Stand with your partner sitting, with your knees or ankles on the bench, to take advantage. If necessary, surround your partner to break the wall to balance it. The pressure on your belly button against slices of meat can be awkward - but if your knees or legs start to hurt, try to screw them behind your partner's back.

Stand and Deliver

This position gives you lots of G-spot and clitoral stimulation, so you can get in and out of the shower (read: reach orgasm) faster. You can put your hands on the shower wall to support if or if your partner has excellent traction (good bath mats, people!) Then let them hold your wrist back. How: You and your partner's legs are glued tightly on the mat, bend your face and lean against the wall, press your palms there, and tuck your buttocks up and out. Your partner must enter from behind you, with your hands anchored in your hips, breasts, wrists, whatever—option to remove your hand after you find your balance.


This position can also be useful with a shower rack set, but that isn't completely necessary. That said, you might not want to start with this position. How: With your waist pressed against the wall, insert your partner from the front: You can wrap your legs around their waist, or if it's too slippery when bathing, one foot on the floor. Try to fall and drop the elevator.

Champagne room

So this step might seem a bit expensive, but trust. You get some deep P-in-VV action (go forward, touch your clit, or reach out to do it yourself), it will rest (a little), and you get the best of both. Breaking gets a weird wet kiss. Because to be honest, hot water never tastes good. How: Ask your partner to sit on the edge of the tub or the bench with your hands, then sit on top. Give us a call for the best companions in the county +442030961213 or +442030961214 and have great shower sex with our beautiful escort in Hampshire Escorts.