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Best Sex Positions Outside the Bed

I realise that sometimes bold sex and trying to have sex positions in extraordinary places can be a bit overwhelming. Is this worth the effort, for truly questionable results? Will I really have a better orgasm in the bathroom - or any orgasm? Probably not. But there is still no good reason to get out of your sexual assistance zone for a while. Your lucky warm weather is finally here, which means we are not trapped inside all the time - and taking action in places like swimming pools, beaches, or cars is not something that puts you at risk of hypothermia. Besides, there is plenty of room in the room that is safe to keep busy, but far more interesting than between a piece of paper.

Pirate bounty

This is a good position for people who have difficulty orgasm because it gives [the owner of the vagina] a chance to get a clitoral, vaginal orgasm. Make sure you use an extra water-based lubricant because you need to emphasize this angle more. For example, the lowest partner can enjoy himself while being penetrated and bring to orgasm. The feeling of being out when thrusting is fantastic and can give you g-spot orgasm as well as the clitoris.


Because this position can affect different angles in your space, it can be very pleasing to the recipient's penis. If there is a height difference, you should adjust or tie your penis for maximum pleasure. Lesbians [the owner of the vagina] can use the end of the cord to stimulate the partner to orgasm and move back and forth between penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. Job Tip: Recipient, with the waist, pressed to the toes, or thumb in the bathtub, shower or bed.


Whether you are in the bathroom of an airplane or somewhere nearby, maintaining balance and aligning your proportions is the most crucial challenge in this position. This is good for wolves and monopoly movements. Top Tips: Hold your partner's buttocks or neck. You can also try this position with a pair of high heels, making jumping easy.

Stand and carry

The standing pair will do most of the work in this position, but staying in the pool will reduce some of the burdens. Tips for Penis and Vaginal Couples: The owner of the vagina must press against the vaginal wall and train the kegel when the owner of the penis pushes. This will increase violence and happiness for both parties.

Modified standing cunnilingus

This position is about communication and telling your girlfriend how much you want to be happy. If the top companion is at the end of the kitchen table, for example, you can edit it by holding your feet [shoulder] while eating. You can also put your hands on your head and grind your pelvis to orgasm.

Frog Leap

If your arms are tired and your legs are spread wide for maximum satisfaction, you can lower your knees and edit them. If it's not a completely pathless way, it's a good idea to bring a towel or blanket under your knee. For two vaginal owners, this can be done using straps or other toys. Now you ready to give us a call on +442030961213 or +442030961214 and have a great escort companion from our gorgeous ladies in Hampshire Escorts.