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Hampshire Escorts: Best Golf Courses in Hampshire

Best Golf Courses in Hampshire

Founded in 1893, Hampshire was one of the first county unions in the UK and has a variety of golf options for your gear. Hayling Island offers a real link test, Liphook and Blackmoor are two of Heathland's amazing gems, and old hunting and golf at Stoneham Parkland will satisfy your taste buds. See who made our list for the best golf courses in Hampshire below:


Arthur Croom designed this beautiful and unfinished Heathland course, which opened in 1923 and was later upgraded by one of his teams, leading to a greater architectural reputation, Tom Simpson. ۔ Both support a strategic design philosophy that is strategic rather than constructive, where all golfers need to think in their own way. Although relatively less long - only 6301 yards from the latest tea - the rating depends on getting the green closer to the right angle. This clear approach also applies to the greatest defense of the course, the stories themselves, which are fast and accurate at exact intervals. Unusually, the round opens with par 3, which seems a disturbing prospect around 200 yards but is played in a bunker-laced green with plenty of space on the right. The 13th is a beautiful 5 cross, playing first down and then up, crossing the moat that marks the western Sussex - Hampshire border with green protected by bunkers and which stretches from the front. ۔


Founded in 1913, the Blackmoor was designed by legendary designer Harry Colt, and the original layout stood the test of time because its 16 holes still exist. You start with a lot of unpleasant mercury, where a well-managed drive will see you coming to the fairway. However, for a small hit, the sleeping pad can be a great process. Since then, ratchet has been significantly tricky. There may be other short par 4, but it is too strict, and every wrong step will be punished. Then, moving to the third position is the T-Shot button. Find the Exhibition, and you will be faced with a difficult point-of-view, but leave it at Heather, and you can easily get a big score. There are 15 choice groups in cross-3rd terms. Usually in the air and, at a distance of 198 yards from white skin, move here with an equalizer or scourge. An excellent course in this field, Blackmoor has held regional qualifications for the Open Championship and has watched golfers like Gary Wolston Holm and Ross Fisher win there.


Located on the coastline overlooking Solent, Hayling Land is ideal for golf and rarely underwater. When the wind blows and often becomes a regional competition venue, it poses a big challenge. Equal to 3 is the key to healing. There are four of them, and all the demands are T. Like all links, the wind is a factor, and it's more important to have a club than you think. Fast vegetables and more in the summer months. They are not very proficient, but they have a very appropriate rest. The 12th, usually with the wind moving from right to right and your face, is a difficult hole. It measures 441 yards and requires at least 250 drives if you want a reasonable chance. 112, best par 3, play live at sea at 152 yards. With the wind fighting it, it is not uncommon to see members reach the forest.

Old Thorns

As for the signature hole, the Old Thorns has a lot to choose from, and it's impossible to hide personal favorites, but in the end, make sure to leave you wanting more. 15 is a 4-foot big toe that runs completely up and has two green tiers, so make sure where the pin is positioned when playing all four days. 16 in total up to pin location. If it is at the bottom of all three levels, then go for it, but if not, then play this hole carefully. 17 is a fantastic par 5 about tee shots. Find the fair, or go left of the bunker, and you can go in two. But find a threeway bunker, and you have to play like a three-shot hole. Finally, 18 is a cross 4 monster that requires a T-shot with an incision, and a view shot with a draw. This is the same thing as scarcity, so go to the bar gladly if you have four. Now you ready to have a great escort companion for your golf session from our gorgeous ladies in Hampshire Escorts. Just give us a call on +442033013337 or +442033013336 , and we guarantee the best escort service from Hampshire Escorts.