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When you meet Annabel the first thing you see is a fine blonde woman with ​lush​ curves​. ​You will cast your eyes on a beautifully formed body ​with a​ generous bust​, shapely legs and ​curvy hips. ​Add to that her beautiful face ​and you will not wonder why she attracts so many glances. Annabel might well embody the perfect feminine figure!

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Annabel​ has an excitable outlook ​on life. She​ want​s​ to have fun​ and that is one of the reasons she came to this great county, that amongst many other things offers precisely that, fun. And lots of it and Hampshire does not only offer fun, if also offers fine gentlemen who like Annabel want to have fun, and want to have a sexy blonde woman at their side to have it with and to share it with. ​As she​ ​has an ​ideal ​body​​,​ ​Annabel ​just loves to spend time picking out and trying out clothes that emphasise her ​shape​ and bust​, and there is no limit to the dresses, tops and skirts that will do what she is looking for.​ ​Not to mention the selection of splendid lingerie that suit her body and her clothes perfectly. ​If you are looking for a beautiful companion and someone to have fun with, ​Annabel is the ideal choice for a delectable date. Annabel can meet you for outcall​. She a great choice if you are looking for someone to add that bit of ​glamour and something ​special​ to any kind of meeting.​ With her ​bubbly and ​bright personality and her gift for conversation​ she will turn any public encounter unforgettable, no matter if you are meeting her in a dark lit restaurant or a more lively venue. Annabel is very versatile, she does love fun as you know by now, but she also has all the desirable qualities​, like a warm and caring personality, ​that make the best of intimate encounters.