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Sex Positions with Ashe Escorts


Sex happens to everyone. But if your room routine is, well, routine or felt dull, or you need to check your task list, you might need to try several different places sexually (or play with a sex toy). Luckily, there are lots of hot choices. So the next time you get naked with Ashe Escort, stop and try a position approved by one of these "spicy" sex experts.

The lazy dog

A slow dog is similar to a doggy style, but the two of you are flat on bed. It's nice when both partners feel it, but they have less energy.

The chair

Take a chair and sit with your partner. You can then take advantage of the use of the chair. It's easier to maintain a more extended session than a cowgirl, and it can feel like a lap dance.

Liberated missionary

The missionary position does not have to be boring. Add Libra Pitcher support to change traditional missionaries. This is a sturdy, versatile, ramp-shaped pillow specifically designed to help you get into different sex positions (like lifting your butt in the air) without needing extra work. It also makes it easier to access the vagina and make anal sex more comfortable for some couples.

Hold the shoulder

Take your liberated missionary to the next level with this different sexual position. Rest on your partner's shoulders. With this help, his penis can be obtained at the best angle for clitoral stimulation. It also serves to wrap your legs around his waist, and putting a pad or pillow under your butt can make this different sexual position more comfortable.

Stand 69

Instead of lying down and doing 69, stand up. Wrap your arms around his pelvis, while your partner holds your feet and places them on his shoulders. After you both have a firm grip on each other, enjoy it! This is not the most comfortable position but once you get the hang of it, its super fun.


To get in position, the giving partner should remain standing with their legs slightly parted and knees slightly bent. The receiving partner should then end over and place their hands on the ground, bed, or a prop as if in a plank. The giving partner can then lift the receiving partner's legs and gently guide them to each side of their waist. There are a couple of options here. The standing partner can hold onto the bottom partner's legs — usually mid-thigh — or move their grip to the bottom partner's waist. The bottom partner can completely wrap their legs around the giving partner's waist for more grip — or leave their legs long to introduce a new angle. Once you're in alignment, the giving partner can slowly enter the receiving partner and begin thrusting.

Face to face

If you want a deeper relationship with your partner, this is a different sexual status to try. Sitting with your Ashe Escorts - any level is fine, but the chair or bed's edge is normal. Face-to-face, you look directly into each other's eyes and promote closeness.

On the edge

Lie on your back by the edge of a pool or dock so your butt's just hanging over the edge above the water. Have your man stand in the water, face you, lift your legs, and rest on his shoulders as he enters you. You can hold on to the edge of the pool or dock for support.

Raised doggy

It takes a reliable partner, but if you need a different sex position to try with your Ashe Escorts, it can be worth the extra effort. Once your partner is inside you, they can lift and hold your legs, almost like a sexy wheelbarrow and push from there. Call us on +442033013336  or +442033013337 and have a great escort companion from the sexiest escorts in Ashe, Hampshire.