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8 Make Up Sex Positions That Lovely

Hampshire Escorts:  8 Make Up Sex Positions That Lovely and Aggressive

Many things make an assertive person feel like make up sex. For those times when we are so angry, so tired, and overwhelmed at the same time that we know what to do. Great make up is not all about sex. Because let's be honest - you're still a little crazy. You just need to be more discriminatory with the help you give others. You love them, no matter what they say about the devil's veil. You like them even if they have a terrible opinion about which curtains are the most suitable in the room you share with each other. Humans are complex creatures, and fighting is a very complicated task that we do. The sexes that follow this conflict are often the same as the conflict itself. But there’s something incredibly beautiful about how we can’t help but be so attracted to each other, even when we’re low-key pissed.  

Here are some of the best make up sex positions you need to try.

1. The spanking make up sex position

It's a little more aggressive than classic doggy style sex because when you want to go the extra mile, spanking is a great option without eye contact.  

2. The Minor offence make up sex position

The Minor offense is very sweet and intimate. But that also takes into account the fact that a bit of anger lurks beneath the surface, so the amount of eye contact and kissing is up to you and your partner.  

3. The Turned Table make up sex position

The Turned Table is truly a classic twist. This is a missionary with you want to take control in a way that still feels close and sweet, turned tables are the best way to do it.  

4. The Power Trip make up sex position

Sex should never really be left behind, but only if one partner is very sorry and the other is still a little angry. So, sitting with your mouth is very meaningful. Standard verbal (lying down, stretching out legs) can feel weak, and if your partner is already working on defenses, whatever makes them feel even more vulnerable Maybe, it's not a big deal. Power trips can make a person feel emotional about their condition (it also allows them to avoid eye contact, kisses, and other things that don't feel right yet).  

5. The Olive Branch make up sex position

Equally and aggressively, olive branches are practically made for sex make-up. Also, eye contact and kissing is completely under your control.  

6. The Punishment Box make up sex position

If you want something that feels really aggressive, the punishment box is a nice change for the missionaries who can provide that. Deep penetration, aggressive push, and angry eye contact are all in the contact punishment box.  

7. The Power Grab make up sex position

The power grab should only be tested in the context in which it agrees perfectly, as this is clearly one of the most aggressive positions in this mix. That said, sometimes angry fights are resolved through angry sex, and as long as there is consensus on everything, there is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings with a little acknowledgment and domination.  

8. In Detention make up sex position

In Detention ups the ante on the Olive Branch, adding intensity through hair pulling and contact with the headboard. Instead of solely being on the receiving end of penetration, the bottom partner can push their hands against the headboard to add some resistance to their partner’s thrusting (the sexual embodiment of a lover’s quarrel, or merely a way to render sex a little more passionate).   Now you ready to call us on +442030961213 or +442030961214 and have a great escort companion from the sexiest girls in Hampshire Escorts. Sex