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6 GOOD WAYS TO MAKE YOU LAST LONGER Hampshire Escorts notices that there are some things in life that are meant to last a long time, like pepperoni pizza slices, buffalo chicken pizza slices, any type of pizza slices, etc.). But sex is not one thing that you want to include into those things. Do not get the wrong idea, there is definitely a time and place for quickies, and they can be super hot. But majority of time, sex should be enjoyed particularly with no time limit, especially with the ladies in Hampshire. For some of you who are having a hard time engaging in a long sex, you need to read this article to the end. These are 6 good ways to make you last longer according to Hampshire Escorts Agency. PRACTICE DEEP BREATHING TECHNIQUES An expert suggests practicing your breath work. “Breath allows the energy to flow through the body in such a way that it takes the intensity of the sensations in the lower body and runs it through the rest of the body.” “Breath can support full-body orgasms without rejection or a genital orgasm,” says the expert. Try circle breathing and microcosmic orbit breath to practice, as they are the ones most practice in tantra. SET AN UNITERRUPTED TIME FOR SEX Hear us out, there is nothing wrong with allotting time for sex on your calendar. We are not saying you need to plan it every week, but sending your lady a sexy email calendar invite for when you want to jump on her bones is totally hot. “Carving out time in between meetings or other obligations will make you feel rushed and may negatively impact the experience,” says an expert. Try to dedicate the whole evening (or morning or afternoon) to your sexcapade, mates. “SEX” DOESN’T JUST MEAN PENETRATION Everybody has a different definition of what sex means to them. But, in this context specifically, it is important to keep in mind that “sex” does not only mean strictly penetration. It can also include a lot of foreplay, kissing, massaging, etc. Warming up will increase your chances of an orgasm, and this way, you won’t be totally bothered by penetration that only lasts a few minutes. Also, sex does not have to end just because one of you orgasmed. TRY A PENIS RING It is not a one-size-cures-all solution, but as an expert notes, some guys do find that trying a penis ring helps them last longer, so it is worth a try. Penis rings work by restricting the blood flow into the shaft of the penis, which can help maintain a stronger erection. PRACTICE MINDFULNESS Practicing mindfulness and breathing can help slow ejaculation down, too. Practicing mindfulness outside the bedroom can also only help your game in bed. “Use an app for guided meditation once a day, for example, or try mindful eating, where you focus on foods’ flavours and textures while avoiding distractions, such as your phone,” says an expert. TRY TRAINING FOR IT Seriously! If this premature finishing situation does not stem from a medical issue for either one of you, it is always possible to just try, you know, having more sex. For some couples, it is a matter of sexual endurance conditioning. Think of it as when you’d go to a gym to get stronger. This is especially helpful if you don’t masturbate very often. We’re aware that this sounds incredibly unsexy, but taking some of the novelty out of it can extend the time before an orgasm feels inevitable. How about that, mates? Those are 6 good ways to make you last longer that we, Hampshire Escorts suggest for you to try. If you feel like wanting to get it on after trying those tips, or maybe you want to try it out right away, you can use our service given by our lovely girls from escorts in Hampshire. It’s so easy to contact us, gents! Just call us to book yourself a fresh way to enjoy sex at +442033013336 or +442033013337.