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For our ladies at Hampshire Escorts  oral sex can be the difference between orgasmic bliss and a ho-hum time in the sack. As a matter of fact, most women need some variety stimulations, including oral, in order to orgasm. Given an oral sex is always dynamite. It’s totally one of the most enjoyable, relaxing experiences you can ever have. It’s obviously that our ladies in Hampshire have different preferences, but if you stick to the guide that we’ve given step by step, and avoid the misunderstanding of the oral sex that they hate, there’s a big chance you’ll give the best oral of her life. For some of you who are having a great oral sex experience, you need to read this article to the end. These are 4 Tips to Have Great Oral Sex Experience according to Hampshire Escorts Agency.


Is there anybody around while you’re in the pool? It means it’s time for her to sit on the edge with her legs over your shoulders while you’re under water. If you don’t have a pool, you can also work it on the edge of a countertop, sturdy table, or dishwasher. It doesn’t matter wherever you want to do it, you have to go all in. This position only allows you to use your lips, tongue, suction, and hands to their fullest. Plus, from above she will have a full view of you going on between her legs and she will guide you through her body movement as she gets turned on.


Your partner may know the most comfortable position for her, but if she’s open to suggestions, try to put a pillow under her butt to lift her pelvis up, which will give you a great leverage, and make your lady feels fantastic. “Then, when she’s lying on her back, keep her knees wide,” says Somoza. “The wider she is, the more of an opening you have to work with. That helps with the sensation.” Somoza also suggests that the guy must feel comfortable too. “The guy may want to kneel on the bed with a pillow under his knees too, so he can just go to town.”


While you face each other in bed, scoot down below until you are between her thighs and you’re able to rest your head on the inner part. This position will make you’re comfortable to lavish her with the time and attention she craves all day. “While some women might want less time spent between their legs, the vast majority want more,” says the expert. “So if you’re using cunnilingus as foreplay, consider doubling, tripling, or even multiplying your current time by six or seven.” If in case you’re using it as the entree of the meal, it means that you might be there for a while until she’s finished. It’s not really necessarily mean climaxing because some women can’t orgasm just by oral stimulation, but it means you have to keep going until she pulls you from the region and asks your attention elsewhere.


Don’t be afraid to break the vibrator! It could be a priceless device in the art of oral sex. Averagely, women take 20 minutes to reach their climax of oral sex, so you’ll be there for the mean time. There’s nothing wrong applying the help of a tried-and-true toy, suggests Somoza. “Use something small and easily handled so you can still feel like you’re in control,” she says. “Put the vibrator on the clitoral hood, then spend some time with your tongue in the labia area.” How about that, mates? Those are 4 Tips to Have Great Oral Sex Experience that we, Hampshire Escortssuggest for you to try. If you feel like wanting to get it on after trying those tips, or maybe you want to try it out right away, you can use our service given by our lovely girls from escorts in Hampshire. It’s so easy to contact us, gents! Just call us to book yourself a fresh way to enjoy sex at +442033013336 or +442033013337.