The beach was quite cold and blustery but with a bright sun.

We had been walking for about an hour along the edge of the shore, on the grassy part where the sand meets the land; we walk a little further to a small grassy area surrounded by dunes. Shielded from the wind by the dunes it is soon quite warm and as you are starting to get a little hungry, we sit close together and eat the lunch I had carried with me. We sat talking and looking out over the sea, watching the waves hit rocks, firing up white clouds of spray.

We sat with my arm around your shoulders, you snuggled closely. Your hands were icy cold; you unzipped the front of my jacket and slid your hand inside. I leant back against the edge of the dune, watching the sky, holding you close. I mentioned that my legs were quite tired from walking, wanting to know here it hurt; you started to rub my legs to ease away the aching. You continued to stroke, quite firmly, massaging, easing the pain away.

Your hand moved up and down and I started to become aroused, you could see me harden through my trousers. You turned your head and looked up at me with a wicked smile on your face, knowing what was happening. I looked back slightly embarrassed as I knew that it wasn’t your intention. You craned your neck and kissed me gently on the lips, I tried to kiss you again but you pushing me back with your shoulder. You hand moved from my thigh to the front of trousers, you could feel me hard beneath the surface.

Your fingers traced the line up and down. You unfastened the top button and took hold of the next, each one open and revealing me into view. I looked around, worried that someone could see, no one was around but I still wasn’t sure. By now I was completely aroused, your fingers again moved up and down slowly caressing the warm skin. Without warning your face moved down and enveloped the head, the feeling is incredible. The heat from your mouth takes me by surprise and I flinch, I can feel you tongue moving around, tickling, caressing, teasing. You move your head in time with your hand; the feeling is like no other, it is different from being inside you, and it is amazing.

You slide over to lie by my side and I reach down and take hold of your waist, I can reach between your legs. I start to stroke the outside, quite firmly, quite quickly. I sense that you like it as I can here you make the faintest noises. I pull open the front of your trousers, you are wearing very small briefs, and I feel inside that you are as aroused as I am. Again I look round, I know what I want to do and I don’t want to be disturbed. You lift your head up and again you smile, this time we kiss properly, a deep kiss, a passionate kiss. As we kiss I drag down your trousers, I can see your skimpy underwear highlighting your gorgeous curves. You pull the sides to ease your panties back into place.

I slide my hand over the silky material and caress you, making you hotter and hotter. You motion to pull them down but I stop you. The feel of the material is arousing, the thought of taking you with them on seems naughty. You turn around to face the sea; I put my hands on your waist and start to lift you gently from the ground. You put your hand down between us and take hold of me, you gently rub tip over the material, and I can feel your heat as the tip moves touches you. My hand slides over the front of your underwear; my finger slips inside and eases the thin material to one side. You guide the end into position and lower your self slowly down onto me. You start to move quickly, up and down, as hard as you can. You want to find the place, the place that feels the best and you don’t want to be interrupted.

You move quickly, rhythmically sliding up and down. I move my hand over the front of your briefs, my fingers start to caress, firmly pressing, moving quickly. You can feel the intensity rising; you know it’s near and you want it to happen. The feeling inside you is amazing, I can feel myself losing control, I know that it won’t be much longer; and I know I want it.

My hand still pressing onto you, your speed increases, and then it happens, you cry out as you release all the energy you were holding inside. As you move, I can’t hold on any longer I know my time has come, I jolt inside you, and I can feel the pressure releasing. You continue to move, slowing with each stroke, slowing to a stop. You slide down to the side and with me still holding you tight in my arms, as close to being one body as two people can be.


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